In our weekly teaching that been conducted a few weeks ago, we have unusual yet unforgettable moments. Why?

That’s because we have special guest teacher teaching the children about the importance of saving money and how you can manage your money well for the sake of our future ahead. In between the teaching process, the children were all happy because there are several games held and one of the children became a winner.

Please come and join us again next in the future Kak Selma!



Hello good people. We are about to announce good news to all of you!

Yes. According to the title, dynamic learning is having a collaboration with NET TV. Around middle of April 2017, we’re filming with NET TV. The activity include visiting Ronggowarsito Museum followed by Laskar Gunung Brintik Children, and also all of the staff and volunteer. Beside visiting the museum, Saturday Teaching is also still on going, together with Dynamic Cookies baking training for the mothers around Gunung Brintik.

All of those activities was filmed in order to celebrate Kartini’s Day on 21th April, and being broadcast in NET TV Jateng Programme called “Sambang Sedulur”.  Kegiatan-kegiatan tersebut diliput dalam rangka memperingati Hari Kartini 21 April 2017 lalu dan disiarkan di program NET TV Jateng “Sambang Sedulur”. Here are some of the clips






  For the full clip, check this out 🙂

Dynamic Learning,

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