April 5, 2017


Dynamic Learning is a digital sociopreneur that engages in empowering children with specific social problem and their mother through education, social, and economic. The education itself has main concern to put what we call Society of Character (SORTER) based on 5 great character principles : 1) faith and religion, 2) nationalism, 3) technology , 4) motivation and 5)entrepreneurship. The learning method that is used is flexible in accordance with situation and condition. In social, we taught them how to engage with society around them and outside. While in economic, we guide the mother how to earn money from their own, we teach them how to make handcraft with affordable materials and make some cookies from very simple ingredients yet tasteful.

Dynamic Learning headquartered at Anjasmoro Raya 16th street Semarang. In Semarang, the learning activity is centered on Gunung Brintik region which aimed at reducing the number of street children. Family financial problem is the main causative factor that leads children to street life, so we provide a concrete solution by cutting problem at its roots, with education for the street children and implementing social entrepreneurship project for their mother. Not only in Semarang, now, we also present in Yogyakarta to help reduce the dropout rate in Caturharjo, Sleman Sub-District.



The woman who was born on July 24, 1995 was a student Faculty of Social and Political Sciences majoring in Communication Science at Diponegoro University.


Alumnus SMA Negeri 3 Semarang graduated In 2013, is a silver medalist of OPSI

(Olimpiade Penelitian Siswa Indonesia) 2011 Field of IPS / Humanities With the title of the work

 Establishment of Koperasi Anak Jalanan as the Effort of Welfare Improvement

(Study Case in the region of Tugu Muda Semarang)

with her partner Faradiba, which is with that work, become the forerunner of the establishment of Dynamic Learning.

At present, she is active Kini ia aktif as both a giver of material and facilitator in community

PEN Openlab, especially in the field of IPS/Humanities.